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About RigidFlex-Royal
RigidFlex-Graphic is part of the Royal Circuits Group based printed circuit manufacturer with a rich history dating back to 1996.  Today the Royal Circuit Group is a highly recognized PCB company with manufacturing facilities in Northern and Southern California.  The Royal Group is a full service PCB manufacturing group, offering on-site Applications Engineering and Design Support for all of its customers, and has small quantity prototype through major production output capabilities.

Capabilities include HDI Technology, Stacked & Staggered Sequential Micro-Vias, Copper and Resin Filled Vias, High-Speed Materials, Thermal Management, Buried Resistance/Capacitance and Controlled Impedence among others.

In addition to RigidFlex PCB's, Royal Flex Circuits in Southern California, builds Flex Circuits,Multi Layer Rigid PCB's and Flex Heaters. Royal maintains all international approvals including ISO 9001:2008, ITAR and UL.

Graphic USA - Southern California