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Recommended Materials For Rigid Flex 
Adhesiveless Clad - AP
Typical Fabrication Notes
1. Fabricate and test per IPC 6013 Class 2, using customer supplied data files.
     Inspection and acceptability per IPC-A-600 Class 2

2.  Board Material:
      Rigid Laminate and Prepreg, per IPC 4101
      Flex Laminate:
      Core laminate IPC 4204 Adhesiveless is /11 adhesive /1
      Cover LayIPC 4203

3.  Copper Weight:
     Outer layers: .5oz foil plated up to 1 oz finish weight.
     Inner Layers consist of .5 oz Laminate

4.  Solder Mask:
     Dark Green on rigid Material LPI IPC-SM-840 class H
     Via holes may be plugged with mask.

5.  Silkscreen:
     White non-conductive epoxy ink conforming to A-A-56032 applied to both sides.

6.  Surface finish:
     All exposed conductive pattern not covered with solder mask or other plating shall be plated with      
     Electro less nickel/Immersion gold (ENIG) 75 micro inches nickel and 3 to 5 micro inches of gold.

7.  Holes:
     Hole size, tolerance, and plating shall be per drill chart, (Dimensions apply after plating)
     All holes shall be located per NC drill file, (All charts on this drawing are for reference only).

8. Bare Board electrical test:
    100% electrical verification for opens and shorts, to customer supplied IPC-D-356 Netlist.

9.  Markings: 
     PN and Revision designation to be clearly marked along with date codes and certifications.
     Test stamp markings where room allows.

10. File formats are RS-274-XAbsolute,English, 2.4 Leading zero suppression.    
       Drill file Format is Excellon, Absolute, English Trailing Zero.

 FR Copper Clad
FR Coverlay
LF Copper Clad
LF Coverlay
LF Black Coverlay