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Why Rigidflex?
Rigid Flex offers the designer opportunities to conform to mechanical restrictions of an existing system.

It solves part of the Form Factor and Fit enabling the designer to meet the function of the overall design and /or retrofit in existing designs.

Design is about options and you may be required to place multitudes of functions in a smaller space. This enhances the latest technology usage and while optimizing real estate. 

Items to consider:
1) Cost
2) Signal Integrity
3) Configuration

Rigid flex construction allows for use of many variables while meeting the needs for signal processing and predictable values for Impedance, Mechanical config., Cost, reliability.

Rigid Systems must have interconnects and the more connectors the less reliability and reduced signal integrity.

If you are a system thinker you must consider the entire system and not just one functional area. More designers are considering Flex and Rigid flex combinations as a total solution approach.

Consider the transition from rigid media to flex media and now you’re thinking how you could best utilize Rigidflex-Royal.

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